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Jobs in purchasing

To produce well, you have to know how to find the best sources of supply from trusted suppliers in a spirit of true partnership. The Purchasing department plays a strategic role in creating the Group's value by strengthening its competitiveness.


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Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager
Michelin is pure emotion!

Motivation, sociability and fun at work are very important criteria for me for a successful job at Michelin. Whether customer, daily challenges or working with colleagues - everything is fun here! With the right commitment and the right motivation, you can go a long way at Michelin and get many opportunities.

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Key Account Manager
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Job offers in Purchasing


The main jobs in the field of Purchasing

Creating value while reducing procurement risks and market fluctuations, which are highly strategic, the Purchasing department's missions involve negotiation and contract deployment. It covers the acquisition of raw materials, services, capital goods and industrial supplies.


Purchasing Director

Directs the Purchasing function of the organization to minimize the overall cost of purchasing the organization without compromising on the quality or reliability of the procurement.

Contract Manager

Responsible for the deployment of contracts.
Manages contractual compliance and savings reporting.

Purchasing Manager

Manages a team of buyers who organize, direct and monitor all Purchasing activities so that the goods, materials, supplies and services purchased by the organization meet its standards for price, quality, time and reliability supply.

Category Manager

Responsible for defining the sourcing strategy. Provides animation and network coordination around the world.

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