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Sitz: Karlsruhe, eingetragen beim Registergericht Mannheim unter HRB 101879, Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Dr. Klaus Neb, pers. haftende Gesellschafterin: Michelin Finanz Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen AG & Co. OHG, HRA 103905, Sitz: Karlsruhe, deren geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin: Michelin Finanz Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen AG, Granges-Paccot (Schweiz), Handelsregister Freiburg (Schweiz) Nr. CH-217-0136156-7, Präsident des Verwaltungsrats: Thierry Eck USt.-Ident-Nr.: DE811131903


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Please read this legal notice carefully before consulting the website or (the « Website ») dedicated to the Michelin recruitment. Please refer to the “world map” to access to the relevant country.

The companies belonging to the Michelin Group are legal entities in their own right and possess an independent legal status. However, with a view to facilitating the communication of information on this Website, the following terms may be employed: “Michelin,”  “Group”, “Michelin Group” and “us”; these terms are used to designate all of the companies in the Group which each carry out their business independently.



The purpose of this legal notice is to set out the conditions under which Michelin makes this Website available to you and the terms and conditions governing your access to and use thereof. Your use of the Website is subject to your compliance with this legal notice, which Michelin reserves the right to amend or update at any given time. By accessing and using the Website, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this legal notice.

If you do not agree with the present terms, please immediately refrain from accessing and/or using this Website.



Michelin endeavors to ensure the Website remains available, without however being bound by any obligation to do so. Access to the Website may be modified, temporarily suspended or suppressed for the purposes of maintenance, updating or any other reason, notably of a technical, legal or security nature. Michelin shall not be held liable for these disruptions or any ensuing consequences for the user, whatsoever.

You undertake to refrain from accessing or using the Website in a fraudulent manner.


This Website is available to all users and contains several headings which present, including but not limited to job offers, applying for the positions vacant, submitting unsolicited applications, replying to users' requests and managing e-mail alerts.

Michelin retains the right to modify, correct, interrupt and/or withdraw some or all of contents and/or Website at any time without notice.

Following the submission of an application, whether unsolicited or in reply to a job offer, an e-mail acknowledgment of receipt will be sent within 48 hours to the e-mail address entered by the user.

When the user has replied to a job offer or submitted an unsolicited application, Michelin undertakes to inform the user of the result of his or her application within a reasonable time frame. Beyond this time frame, failing a reply from Michelin, the application shall be deemed not to have been accepted. Notwithstanding, Michelin reserves the faculty to contact the user at a later date, should his or her profile match another job offer, within a period of two years, providing the user has not asked Michelin to delete his or her personal information.

This website also allows users to receive Michelin job offers by e-mail, based on the user's pre-selected criteria.

Users undertake to comply with the applicable regulations of the country in which they use the services provided on this website. In particular, they shall refrain from submitting any document, data or information that is defamatory or insulting, forged, illicit, erroneous or falsified or prejudicial to public order and public decency or to the website's operation.

Michelin reserves the right to delete an application that proves to be manifestly contrary to public order or public decency, or to take legal action against any user who has committed an act likely to breach these provisions or current laws and regulations.

Michelin grants you the right to download, print and use the content subject to the following conditions: (i) if a download function is made available, (ii) if the content is used for non-commercial purposes, (iii) and in good faith and (iv) if both the proprietary notices as well as the on-line publication date appearing in the content are left intact, where such information is shown. This right must in no way be interpreted as conferring a license, in particular pertaining to a trademark or logo.

Any Third Party Content, as defined in Article 3.2, is subject to relevant third party terms.


Unless expressly authorized in advance by Michelin, all reproduction, representation and use other than that stated above is prohibited, in particular:  

  • Any adaptation, provision to the public (solicited or otherwise), distribution, retransmission in any form whatsoever, networking, public communication of all or part of the Website, and of all works, services, trademarks and all copyrighted material or material that may be protected by intellectual property law reproduced on the Website

  • Any extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of a substantial part (in terms of quantity and/or quality) of the content of the databases created by the Website or made available on the Website

  • Any repeated and systematic extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of even a small part of the content of the databases created by the Website or made available on the Website

  • Any link, access, modification, addition, deletion that relates to the automatic processing system for online publication and alters publication conditions or editorial policy    

The user is reminded that the following acts are forbidden:  

  • Accessing and fraudulently remaining in an automatic data processing system

  • Deleting, modifying or fraudulently adding data to said system

  • Blocking said system

Any user acting in breach of this legal notice renders himself liable to civil or criminal prosecution regarding notably infringement of copyright, breach of similar rights and/or the breach of rights of producers of databases and of automatic data processing systems. 



The content (which shall include but not be limited to information, texts, files, graphs, data, software, database, API, images, photos, visuals, videos and sound tracks, trademarks and logos as well as the form of all said components and the actual Website itself) is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. The content is the exclusive property of its publisher. Any copy, reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, alteration, modification, translation or dissemination of the content, whether in full or in part, whether it belongs to Michelin or to a third party that has granted Michelin the rights thereto, by any process whatsoever, is unlawful, notwithstanding the limited rights granted to the user under Article 4 herein below and/or any private copy reserved for the exclusive use of its holder. The content of this Website is subject to modification without notice and is published without any warranty whatsoever, whether express or implied, and may not give rise to any entitlement to compensation. The content is protected by ©2019 Michelin or copyright of its partners. The logos are registered trademarks.


Some “Third Party Content” (including but not limited to all information, text, files, images, graphics, visuals, software, data base, API, data, sound tracks, video, photographs, weblink, third party website, data feeds from social network services, rss feeds from blog posts, and data libraries and dictionaries and other content and material, in any format, obtained or derived from third party sources, outside of Michelin) may be made available/accessible to you through, within, or in conjunction with your use of, the Website.

Any intellectual property rights and license to use relating to Third Party Content are determined by the relevant third party terms


To exchange information by e-mail with Michelin, you must fill in the e-mail forms available on the Website. Michelin’s responses to e-mails, and the provision of access to the Website and its content may not be deemed to represent or to constitute proof of any advertising, promotional or sales activity in the country where the user is located.


Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Our Website may contain links to other Internet sites. Michelin does not share your personal data with such websites except where social network buttons or plug-ins are used. If you follow a link to any of these websites, you are subject to the said website’s own privacy practices over which Michelin has no control and for which Michelin cannot accept liability. 



Unless otherwise prohibited by mandatory local laws, the website and the content published and/or made available in or through the website is provided on an “as is”, without any warranty, express or implied, of any nature whatsoever and michelin expressely disclaims any liability of any nature whatsoever regarding any part or all the contents and/or website. Michelin may not be held liable including but not limited to in the event of any contamination of your computing resources resulting from the propagation of viruses or other it infections. It is your responsibility to take all appropriate measures in order to protect your computing resources.

Michelin, its directors, employees, agents, suppliers or partners mentioned on the website may not in any event be held liable, under a contractual tort or any other claim, for any damage, whether direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, or of any nature whatsoever, or for any loss, in particular of financial or commercial nature, resulting from the (non) access to and/or the (non) use of the website or any information whatsoever obtained in or through the website, including but not limited to the third party content (as defined in article 3.2 above).


The website may contain simple or embedded links towards third party content, with the authorization of the latter for embedded links. You acknowledge that michelin is not responsible for and under no obligation to control, monitor or correct such third party content; in addition, michelin bears no liability whatsoever as to their accessibility, relevance, availability, content, advertising, products and/or the services available on or from these websites. Consequently, michelin shall not bear any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect damage which might result from your (non) access to or (non) use of the third party content and/or for failure by these websites to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.  

Michelin may update, change or modify the website as a result of a change in, or unavailability of such third party content or website. Michelin may also cease providing access to third party content or website without any liability to you.


Any dispute relating to the Website or to this legal notice shall be brought before the Courts of Karlsruhe. The dispute shall be governed and construed in accordance with German law on the merits, independently of conflict of law. Use of the Website implies the user’s express consent to the application of this Article. In the event one of the terms of this legal information should be deemed to be illegal, null and void or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever, it shall be deemed to not be part of this legal notice and shall not affect the validity or application of the other terms.


Date: October 2019