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Our tips for a successful interview

All interviews can be similar. You prepare almost exactly the same: with a CV you know very well, a well done presentation letter… on principle, we grant you, all may look alike, but !

Our recruitment process, like many other aspects at Michelin, is unique. And our recruiters want to know what you can bring to your job, how your past has shaped you, and how you see your evolution within the company.

Small guide for successful interviews at Michelin.



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Present you on your best profile


Michelin is a recognized, innovative international group. By joining us, you opt in on numerous benefits, such as:

- a wide range of professions
- an individualized training program that helps you build your career plan
- career opportunities
- fair compensation
- quality of working life

Find out about our employer commitments by visiting the page A mutual commitment .

Our company culture can be summed up in one word: respect. This is our founding value .

Respect for people
Respect for customers
Respect for shareholders
Respect for facts
Respect for the environment

Your professional development is of the utmost importance because it underpins our Group's performance. Throughout your career at Michelin, you receive guidance and support from one of our 400 career managers, to build a personalized career plan. You have an ongoing, individualized training program, right from the time you join the company.
Read about our team members' careers and testimonials in the section Discover our careers .

Yes. We see co-operative programs as a gateway to employment. Every year, we take in students on co-op programs, under a professional development contract or an apprenticeship contract.
To find out more about co-operative programs at Michelin, visit the page Doing a co-operative program at Michelin and see our online co-operative program offers.

Yes. You can meet our recruitment teams at a wide range of events each year.
See the event calendar to find out more about our upcoming job fairs, career expos, on-campus events and career meetings. Come and discuss your career plans with our recruiters.

We offer numerous professions in a wide variety of fields. Visit the section Discover our careers to browse these professions and read our team members' testimonials.

To send in your application, see our online job offers and internships . If an offer catches your attention, click the Apply now button for the offer, then submit your application from our website.

- create your applicant account or log into your existing account
- fill in your form online
- upload your resume and any supporting documents
To ensure that applications are handled as efficiently as possible, we only accept online applications.

Allow about 15 minutes to apply for an online job offer or internship.

Yes. You can apply for all of the offers that match your profile and your career plan.

Yes. To send us your unsolicited application, create and fill in your online applicant area . You'll join our talent pool and we'll keep your information in our database for 2 years. If an opening that matches your application comes up, we'll be able to contact you.
If there are no offers that match your profile, you can also create your job alert or follow us on the social networks. That way, you'll keep an eye out for upcoming job openings.

Maybe the name you want to use is already being used by another applicant. To create a unique name, try the following:

- add a figure at the end of your name
- use a pseudonym
- use your email address as your username

If you've forgotten your username, click the "Forgot your username?" link on the login screen of your applicant account and enter your email address. You'll receive an email reminder of your username.
If you've forgotten your password, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen of your applicant account and enter your username and email address. You'll receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.

Yes. Once you've created your account in the applicant area , you can save your data and come back to it whenever you like, using your username and password.

Check your attachment's file size and format. The file size is limited to 750KB and it must be in one of the following formats: .doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, .htm, .html or .xls.

Our recruiter in charge of your profession will examine your application and get back to you within 30 days.

To find out more about our recruitment process, visit the page on How to apply for a job at Michelin.

We will reply to you within 30 days.

Yes. You can apply for all of the offers you are interested in.
Following your application, we keep your information in our database for 2 years. If, in the future, we have to fill a position that matches your profile, we'll be able to contact you again.

We're looking for personalities, potentials and skills that will add to the diversity of our teams. We hire people for what they are, rather than for a specific position.
Our recruitment criteria include:

- your personality
- your skills
- your experience
- your ability to develop within the Group

Your recruitment at Michelin is in 3 steps:

your online application
the interviews
the recruitment day
Find a detailed description of the steps in the selection process on the pages How to apply for a job at Michelin and How to apply as a student.

No. The only tests we do are to test your job skills.

Whether you are an intern, on a co-op program or an employee, you will do a personalized induction program when you arrive at Michelin.
To find out more about your induction, visit the pages Joining Michelin and Joining Michelin for your studies .

Yes. We prefer long-term VIE positions (18 months on average) so that we can give you a fully-fledged assignment to carry out onsite. After analyzing your career plan, we work with you to build an assignment that suits you in one of our many international subsidiaries.
See our online VIE offers .

Wir verweisen auf unsere Online-Angebote für VIE.

To apply for a job in another country, visit the recruitment website for the country concerned by clicking on the menu at the top of this page. You can apply directly through the country's recruitment website.

As a general rule, your career at Michelin begins in France. This lets you:

- familiarize yourself with the Group's organization
- acquire and develop a recognized skill in a profession

After 3-5 years in the company, you may be able to pursue your career in another country as part of your career plan, or to give you the opportunity to occupy a position you couldn't hold in France.

An expatriate has know-how, solid experience and considerable autonomy, which he or she is capable of passing on in the field. It takes 3-5 years to acquire these skills and qualities.

I'm not a French national. What are my career prospects within the Michelin Group?
At Michelin, we take in team members of all nationalities who can both contribute to the Group's development worldwide and enrich its cultural diversity.

If you are at the beginning of your career, you will begin by learning the ropes of your profession before moving on to growing responsibilities in France or in other Group countries.
If you are experienced, you will take a position with operational responsibilities in France or in other Group countries.

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