Business Segment Manager

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Isando, South Africa
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Business Segment Manager

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Insights Management
• Combines data to derive distinctive perspectives and insights regarding consumer/end user mega-trends, socioeconomic trends, and industry structures.
• Interprets insights to identify and prioritize opportunities to innovate and revolutionize organizational products and services.
• Identifies growth opportunities and areas for market evolution by applying insights.
• Ensures that insights are relevant and understood by others across the organization.
Marketing strategy/planning
• Uses relevant techniques to detect potential opportunities or threats to the product/organization.
• Assesses the potential impact of wider environmental forces on the business strategy (. culture, ethics, economics, politics, legal frameworks and sustainability).
• Coordinates departments, segments, and organization’s counterparts to ensure continuous alignment between organizational strategies and investments.
• Establishes key performance indicators and relevant metrics and monitors and analyzes results.
• Establishes a long-term marketing strategy aligned with the overall marketing goals and objectives.
• Provides strategic coaching and leadership to the marketing and affiliated teams on the business model.
• Distributes resources across segments/products/business lines, based on marketing objectives/priorities.
• Anticipates and builds capacity and capability to respond to future market needs.
Product/service innovation and development
• Executes and manages the development of a life cycle plan for a product/service.
• Leads cross-functional sessions to validate current product/service and identify ideas.
• Identifies roadblocks mitigated effects and/or makes recommendations to overcome them.
• Implements practices for cultivating relationships with high equity customers and/or partners to gain insight into requirements for current or new service offerings.
• Cultivates a culture of service logic based projects, encouraging all strategies and action to be based on the exchange of service.
Customer Value Management
• Develops and implements strategic plans for target customers.
• Sets the strategic targets for the organization and identifies opportunities for strategic growth.
• Oversees the implementation of pilot projects, monitors results, and makes recommendation for operationalizing new initiatives that will benefit the organization.
Industry Knowledge
• Objectively critiques the competition (strengths, weaknesses) and seeks opportunities for business development
• For a given bid, evaluates direct competition in order to position own organization appropriately.
• Develops knowledge of related industries and their impact on the business model .
Revenue and profitability
• Uses appropriate financial tools to evaluate impact of business initiatives on the mode’s performance, e.g. budgets, ROI, profit-loss, brand value, etc.
• Determines profit targets and profit management plans to effectively control and monitor costs and revenues to achieve profitability goals.
• Establishes information requirements for decision making with respect to profitability management.
Project Management
• Manages complex, multifaceted/ interrelated projects that span own area or department boundaries.
• Determines resource requirements for multi-faceted or multi-stage projects.
• Applies recognized project management methodology to manage scope, resources, time, cost, quality, risk and communications.